A bit of me

Hi there! 
I am Núria Nogués Piñol, a student recently graduated in Advertising and Public Relations who is seeking for a job in her field.
Short bio  
I was born in El Vendrell, a small city close to the Mediterranean Sea coast. I moved to Barcelona to study Advertising and Public Relationships in the University Autonoma of Barcelona. Besides from my academic activity, I lived in Oxford (U.K.) during one whole year aiming to improve my English.
In the professional field, I did an Internship of 4 month in an Advertising Agency named “El Faro Naranja” (Barcelona) in which I could utterly apply the knowledge and skills I have gained in my degree.
Currently I am taking a course in Graphic Design in which I am perfectionating my knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

In broad strokes  
I consider myself a very sociable, responsible and flexible person. I am very curious and quite passionate about achieving my personal and professional goals.
Although I don’t masterize some expertise areas, I am a committed individual and a fast learner, I try to involve myself and do my best in all my works.